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13 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Kids and Toddlers

When it is the holidays, it is time for some extra love, fun, and bonding. While adults have their own ways of having fun and making merry to celebrate the holidays, kids have a whole different expectation.


What To Gift?

When you have the responsibility to gift a kid or a toddler, what do you give? There are a number of toys and Toy reviews for all ages one can find online to help them choose wisely. Here are 13 such great gifting ideas:

  1. Toys – All kids love toys. Get age appropriate and value-adding toys to make a difference in these tiny lives.
  2. Books – A good read can always be a great way to learn and spend some time away from the chaos of daily life.
  3. Puzzles – This is a great gift to challenge those tiny brains and let them develop in the process.
  4. Clothes – Kids are always growing out of clothes. Buy them something festive they can wear now or a little later too.
  5. Shoes – They grow out of shoes too and their shoes seem to last lesser than for us adults. This can be a very good gift.
  6. Board Games – They can play by themselves or with others in the house when everyone is home for the holidays.
  7. Craft Kits – Ready to use craft kits are available to age Get the appropriate ones to let them have some creative fun.
  8. Colors – Colors excite children. You can buy them paints, coloring supplies, books to color, etc.
  9. Pretend Toys – Young age is the age for pretend play. Get them to play sets like doctor sets, kitchen sets, tea sets, or even some set up of their favorite character.
  10. Music – Musical toys for toddlers and musical instruments for little older kids can be a great way to get them introduced to music.
  11. Sports Goods – Balls, bats, and other sporting goods for that particular age can expose them to different sports and keep them active.
  12. Building Sets – Building sets for toddlers and construction sets for older kids can keep their nimble fingers active.
  13. Art – Folding, molding, painting are all that children love to get messy with. Get them something they can create and see the joy when they finish it.