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Choosing the Best Hardware component for your Guitar

The guitar is an instrument that is loved by all, instantly. The music produced is so mesmerising that there isn’t a person who doesn’t love the sound. But, with technology invading every part, it has become quite challenging for a talented guitarist to play the music all by him, without interventions.

Technology has made everything possible today. The same music of a guitar can be brought out by an app, that camouflages the original guitar, and with this, the real talent is fading away.

There can be no guitarist who doesn’t know the names like AmpliTube, Guitar Rig, Kemper and few others. Many of us have done recording at home, or at studios without much-sophisticated things, yet producing some high-quality music in the past. But, this has again become a thing of the past, as technology has transformed things for both good and bad.

Amp simulators are a thing of the past now. It is possible to get all kinds of music without the use of amps, with the technology. With the huge advancement in both software and hardware components, it’s becoming harder to make the right choice for their projects, be it on a software or the hardware that is essential.

We have listed the main, and basic player, easy to use hardware for guitarists; that we bet can be the best assistant to you, in all your endeavours.


This one claims to be the most powerful guitar processor, that is an all in one processor; across the globe. It is an amp modeller, which offers 2 states of DSP’s. Using this the user can create 512 of their personal choice of speaker presets, by using the 150+ speaker simulators that are present in this device.

This one has many built-in features like the FX Loops, Ring mod, which gives you routing abilities with a footswitch for all live scenarios that can be programmed before you can start.