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Choosing Wood Type For Your Cabinets

While modern day kitchens are dominated by stainless steel and glass cabinets, the warmth and texture of a hardwood cabinet is hard to resist. There are different characteristics of hardwood like mineral deposits, knots, stains, glazes etc. These characteristics differentiate one kind from another. As hardwood ages and is exposed to light, its look can change significantly. Yet another factor that plays a role in the changing appearances of your hardwood is humidity. In order to avoid permanent changes, it is important to maintain the humidity levels at around 20%.

Oak- is it the best?

Oak is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing wood for your cabinets. This is primarily because of the value. There are around 200 species of oak that results in hues and grains that actually vary from one another. Most cabinets made of oak will have a natural finish but some also tend to have a honey finish. Cabinets made of oak are highly durable and can hold up for years without showing signs of damage.

However, if you want to paint your cabinets, oak might not be the best choice. Oak is not paint-friendly. It is great for as long as you want a pocket-friendly option.

The next choice for your cabinets could be pine. Pine is softer and also quite budget friendly. The finish of a pine cabinet goes well with rustic décor and looks fabulous when done right. It could be your perfect solution for kitchen décor, irrespective of the amount of money that you could spend.

The third type that could also suit your budget is maple. Maple is highly versatile and it looks beautiful in its natural state. The only thing that you need to add to it is a tiny bit of finish that will protect them from wear and tear and help it to last longer.