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How to save on lighting

Lighting is important in our life. We cannot live off-the-grid using only natural light in some faraway place. We live in this world where the day to day expenditure on energy is depleting our resources at an alarming level. We need to take care and preserve the precious resources for our future generations. Another important aspect is to save our money as well, by reducing our electricity bill. So let us see how we can do both and save on lighting.

  1. LED bulbs may appear to be more expensive in the beginning but they last longer than any other traditional bulbs and emit less radiation. They also provide more brightness.
  2. Use appropriate wattage. This means using bulbs according to the area and the way you want that area to be illuminated. (sitting area and a kitchen will need different setting and wattage)
  3. Use minimal fittings. This will help in saving money on installation and future bills as well. You can use one or two more beautiful lights that distributing them over the room, which will all consume power but will not illuminate the room. It is better to use less number of brighter lights.
  4. Using dimmers helps to conserve electricity and reduce the bill.
  5. Use lamps in specific areas, where you need focused lights, for tasks like reading or sewing.
  6. Keep the fixtures clean. If the bulbs are not cleaned off the accumulated dust and cobwebs, you will try to use more bulbs than needed. Keeping them clean enhances the brightness and helps to reduce power consumption.
  7. You can use motion detectors in your house. This will help to use lighting only when needed and where people are present.
  8. You can use windows and skylights in such a way that natural light illuminates your home for the most part of the day.
  9. Last but not the least, use power only as much as you need. Switch off appliances and lights when not needed and immediately after use.

If you go to the website or catalog of Modern Place, you can find many more such tips. All these tips help in reducing the electricity consumption and thereby preserve the environment for our children. After all, we want to leave a brighter future for them.