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What to look for in a laser rangefinder

Laser rangefinders have always been popular due to their precision and ease of use. But choosing a laser rangefinder for yourself is not an easy task. There are so many out there in the market and it might get a bit confusing if you do not understand what exactly you want from your rangefinder.

The first question is why do you need a rangefinder? Because for hunting, for photography, for forestry, for golf there are distinct types of rangefinders. These are all packed with features that are specific to their applications. Read more about rangefinder before you buy one. Here we talk about the laser rangefinders that are used by golfers:


There is the minimum range and the maximum range. It is the maximum range that matters the most. On an average most golfers find a maximum range of 500 yards to be decent enough for most of the games. But there are also higher range devices.


Accuracy is generally given in terms of few yards. An accuracy of + or – 1 yard is the most common preference. You would be able to find some laser rangefinders that come with accuracy as good as half yard for smaller distances in particular. Accuracy combined with the range gives a better picture.

Ease of handling:

For beginners rangefinders that come with a simple layout and easier controls would be a better option. There are high end devices with a lot of additional features. But beginners might not really use all of these. On the field when you use a rangefinder it would be better to get something that is easier to use so that no time is wasted on trying to figure out how to actually use the device.

Target acquisition:

Acquisition time matters a lot. Look for those that can acquire targets quickly and those that also come with some type of indication to notify the user that the target has been acquired.