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Buying Male Chastity Products for Beginners

If you are a beginner then you may need some help to buy the male chastity devices. You would surely be tempted to see some metal ones at lock the cock.

You definitely need to make note of some points when buying the chastity devices. Buying a chastity device is personal and you need to consider some factors before you buy one. The material, the ring size, and the cage are important things that you need to be sure of. You also need to be sure that the material used is easy to clean so your mistress likes it.

You could start by using the cock harness. These harnesses come with a leather strap and it connects the metal ring series which encases the cock in the bondage caress. These usually consist of 5 rings and the biggest one is placed behind the cock and the balls so that it keeps the harness in place. This is not very expensive and it lets your penis feel like it is wrapped. This is great to introduce you to the feel of chastity.

Metal is a common material used in the chastity devices. Stainless steel is used since it is friendly to the body as well as hygienic. These offer security but they are a little heavy. Some men tend to enjoy it. These are highly secure and this means that it is difficult to get released easily.

Silicone is also used to make chastity devices because it warms the body soon and is also very flexible.

If you are beginner then a lot of attention has to be placed on the material of the device. You need to be sure that the material is comfortable to wear. You could choose from metal, leather, plastic or silicone and it is important that you be clear about how long you would be wearing the device and how securely it fits.