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Tools that are indispensable in carpentry


When it comes to choosing carpentry tools we now have a lot of options. There are those that portable and lightweight so as to suit the beginners in carpentry. There are tools that are really powerful. The choice depends on the actual projects at hand. But we are talking here about those tools that a qualified joiner would buy first before he starts any of his projects.

  1. Hammers:

The one tool that even a small home carpentry work would require is a reliable hammer. This hand tool comes in a variety of sizes to suit different applications. A claw hammer for nails and framing hammer for large projects would be sufficient in the early days.

  1. Bubble level:

To make sure that an absolutely straight cut is obtained a bubble level goes a long way. No carpentry work is complete without this. From cutting to mounting this tool is definitely an essential tool for a qualified joiner.

  1. Marking tools:

To draw the proper guide and to cut precisely a good measuring tape and a neat marking tool are absolutely essential. They help mark and chip off outlines and reshape and fine tune the work before actually mounting them.

  1. Power drill:

Power drills have made drilling so much easier these days. And without saying it is understood that you cannot really make the best out of a power drill if you do not have the right bits. And using the appropriate bits on the appropriate materials would ensure that the bits and the drill are not damaged.

  1. A storage box:

Besides the tools that are required the actual storage box for them matters equally. Unless you have all the tools sorted and organized neatly it is very difficult to preserve them in a good condition. A good tool box also ensures that you do not have to fumble with the tools to pick the right one.