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What are the criteria for a luxury brand?

Luxury brands have an image in the minds of the consumers. This image is formed by the price, uniqueness, aesthetics and quality of the brand products. The promoters promote luxury brands in a completely different way than they how they do for the basic brands. The target audience is a small group; however, the buying capacity and affordability are good. These people prefer bespoke and custom-made products and interact with the distributer, marketers and sometimes the manufacturers on one on one basis.

A luxury brand is evaluated on some basic and essential characteristics of luxury –

  • Price – The brand prices its products at the highest band in the league.
  • Quality – The brand uses materials with everlasting goodness, which even doesn’t fade in quality with time.
  • Unique – The design and aestheticism of the products are marvelous. The products are made with rarest of designs; usually two pieces of the same design are never made.
  • Only on demand – The brand never manufactures the products in bulk. They launch a design, promote in elite magazines, launch parties et al and disclose the price only on demand. That said, a piece is only manufactured when the order is placed.

Luxury brands highly remain class specific. Image of a basic brand can be hampered by another one in the market; their promotional strategy is normally based on let-down-the-other fundamental. However, luxury brand remain untouched by another one on the block. The users of luxury brands usually remain loyal to them until eternity. Celebrity endorsements, promotional events etc help in sustaining the positive image of the brands. This is the best site to get a used Cartier watch for men.  Their marketing campaigns are simple and impactful. The companies making luxury brands have studied and well researched the need, style and taste of the targeted audience. Not to mention, money is never a limiting criterion, and hence the extravaganza.