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Is It Legal To Buy Views For Your Videos?

This is probably the first question that comes to your mind when someone suggests buying views for your videos. If you are looking to buy views or adopt other methods to progress it would be a good idea to clearly understand the terms and conditions attached with uploading videos on the platform. This would help you understand whether you are violating any of the rules while focusing on obtaining more views for your video.

Understanding the policies before you purchase views:

If we talk about YouTube one of the rules clearly laid down is that you should not be using automated views. If you opt for a third party service that generates automated views then you would be violating the rules and chances are that your video would be banned. This is what is known as Viewcount gaming. If your views are gathered by third party sources that trick viewers to watch your video it would again be a risk.

Is it legal?

Though the dispute still remains, you can still safely buy views if you choose to buy them from reliable sources. Check the method of view generation adopted by the vendor. Those that fall into the category of Viewcount gaming would put your videos at risk. If your vendor offers actual human views then this would not be considered illegal. It is true that earlier several videos were removed simply because the uploaders purchased views. But not YouTube has revised its policies. It is not illegal to buy views. Look for those companies that abide by YouTube policies in generating views. These would also be those that offer views that are consistent so that they do not appear like fake views. This makes these views appear like normal views and this would reduce the risk of being noticed.