Evolution Of The Best Sous Vide Cooker

In this world everything takes time to mature and attain a good state, even culinary styles take time to evolve. The food we eat and the way we cook also evolves over time and with the advent of technology everything improves and makes life easier.

The same is the case in the evolution of the () best sous vide cooker . It all started as an experiment by Sir Benjamin Thompson way back in 1779 using air as heating medium and then it was taken up by American and French engineers as a food preservation method. Then in 1974 George Pralus adopted it for a restaurant in Roanne, France. He found that when cooking foie gras at a lower temperature by heating it in water, it retained its texture, the original appearance and it also didn’t appear to lose fat.

Bruno Goussault was pioneer in the field of vacuum-sealed food sous vide cooking as he started teaching chefs on the methods and benefits of cooking in this manner. He identified and listed down the various parameters like cooking time and temperature for various food items.

Once this type of cooking became popular among top chefs in restaurants slowly it caught the imagination of common people and companies have started manufacturing machines. The plastic bags to keep the food, the heater to maintain the temperature and the size of the water bath were designed to cater to various needs of customers.

The latest addition to this has been the introduction of Wi-Fi technology to the cooker; with this feature anyone can control the cooker from a distance. There are also alarms to indicate various events like the achievement of desired temperature or completion of pre-set cooking time etc.

Thus this style of cooking has evolved over time and has graced technology very fast, the day is not very far off when every household boasts of having a sous vide cooker.

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