Grading the Mower!

Grading the Mower!

It’s not a summertime unless the lawns are mowed and lush greenery has been manoeuvred. The neatly cut grass and other plants are so welcoming. A good mower is a basic essential in every home that has big outdoors.

Lawnmowers are of various types and can be classified based on their features like rotation type, power source etc. the rotary lawnmowers are different from hover mowers in the way it rotates. The best garden mower I have ever used is the AL-KO Moweo 46.5 Li SP, which has every feature that we longed to have. Read to know what you must know.

While buying, we recommend that you keep in mind the following things:

  • Features of the mowers
  • Conditions that is best for the mower
  • Different power sources

Here are the best features that you can rely on, in a mower:

Blades for hover mower:

Hover mower blades rotate horizontally to the lawn, at the selected height, to chop the grass. These blades are made of metals, plastic and nylon materials.  These blades are actually designed to last longer, yet many times they wear and tear sooner than you might think, they get deformed. Such deformed blades need immediate change.

Wheels and roller:

Normally a hover mower doesn’t have any wheels, enabling it to lift off the ground, chopping the grass. But, to simplify the process, many models in the recent have adapted and added rear wheels to the device. It helps in moving the mower in the right direction and creates a striped effect. There is a roller too, which helps when the mowing is done around the edges of the lawn or borders.

Grass collection box:

Many models come with a collection box, and with a high capacity so that the user doesn’t need to empty the bin frequently. They also come with a transparent lid, so that one can see its level filled and empty accordingly, reducing the risk of mower getting overheated.