Shopping for products when flying with a pet

Flying with your pet for the first time can be stressful if you do not purchase the right accessories. To being with check whether the airlines through which you are traveling allow pets.

Pet Crates

Travel crates are the most important elements. Look for an airline approved dog crate to assure that your dog is safe while also making sure that the airlines allow the type of crate for air travel. Few days before the actual travel get your pet accustomed to the travel crate. And while you travel to ensure that you leave your pet’s favorite toys and some treats in the crate. This would make it easy for your pet to accept the crate.

Waste bags

These are not spoken about while talking about pet travel supplies. But remember to carry enough waste bags. Air travel, especially for the first time might have different effects on different pets. So this might also affect the pet’s appetite and bowel movements. Be prepared and carry easy to use waste bags.

Keep your dog warm

As temperatures get cold your pet might need something to keep it warm. Inside its cozy crate, your pet would still need a comforter to keep it safe from the temperature changes. Remember that with the pressure varying at higher altitudes your pet might get uncomfortable and so take essential measures to keep it feeling comfortable.

Your pet’s feeding bowl and bottles

Dehydration is common during travel. To ensure that your pet gets enough water. Carry your pet’s feeding bowl and water bottle so as to give it the familiar feel. This would make it easier for the pet to eat even in the new environment.

When you are traveling with your pet make sure that you pack all its supplies and inform the airlines well in advance. This would avoid all last minute hassles and provide a safe and memorable trip for you and your pet.