What To Look For When Buying A Briefcase?

Have you ever seen men carry briefcases in the recent times? No? But be ready to see the briefcase make an appearance all over the work place. This classic piece of masculine style is making a comeback into the fashion industry and is expected to stay on for a while.

If you are planning to buy a briefcase, there are number of online and physical stores to buy from. My husband got his briefcase here and it is just as we expected and as the seller described t to be.

When you are choosing a briefcase for yourself, here is what you should look into:

Quality Of Material

The most sought after material for the briefcase is leather. Hence one should pay attention to the quality of leather used. Leather is one of those materials that look good as it ages. Though the full grain leather is long lasting and extremely impressive to look at, they are expensive too. If you want something on a low budget, you may have to settle in for split grain leather which costs less but doesn’t long either.

The quality of the materials used in other parts of the briefcase is important too. The inner pockets, zips, handle and buckles are easy to miss. The leather used in the handle should also be good. If the fittings are not of good quality, it will not last long.


There are different styles of suitcases to choose from. One can choose from attaché, hard sided or soft sided briefcase.

When your work environment is casual, you can use the messenger type briefcases. If you travel too often, consider one with wheels, so that you don’t have to carry it all the time. Opt for a soft sided if you are going to carry a lot of papers and your laptop all the time. A attaché would suit those looking for a small sized briefcase. The hard sided has a set structure, looks classy and has multiple pockets inside.