Your Home Is Indeed Your Canvas

B1801             1          Your Home Is Indeed Your Canvas

Theme décor:

I have always been fascinated with homes that are built around certain themes. For instance, an acquaintance of mine has a home that resembles a ship from the outside. The round windows and the outdoor cladding on the walls give it an appearance of a cruise ship. The interiors are matched so well with the outside décor that once inside you really feel that you are on a cruise!

The lady of the house is passionate about sea and all things that are found in and on water. And understandably so! Then there are people who love to have a theme around every room in their house. I personally like home with a single theme but some of the houses with various themes interspersed are gelled so well that the transition from one room to another but seems natural and not out of place.

A very close friend has a home where the living space resemble a cafeteria with the diner attached. The coffee table and the bar resemble the benches that one would find at cafes and the lighting and the accessories are done on kitschy lines. The furnishing is chic and contemporary and she has used the ideal soft woven fabric for the living room.

The study:

The study is a wooden room predominantly oak in color and with all the works and other things relating to books. There is an old world charm in there!

The children’s rooms:

One of her children’s rooms is a sea themed where there are lifeguards and other paraphernalia hung around the walls and the other child who is a sports freak has all things related to sports. One of the walls is especially my favorite where she has decorated it with an actual sports bike! Wow!

The kitchen and the pantry:

The theme of the kitchen and the pantry is exclusively kitschy with a lot of contemporary touches given here and there. There are bottles with lids in funny shapes and things that you would see more particularly in museums but they do go very well together!