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Buying a sex toy without a credit card

Sex toys, the name itself makes people go red with embarrassment. So how do you go and buy these pleasure tools?

A person who does not have a credit card in this age of digital banking will be rare to find. But in reality, you do not want to use your card at a place where sex toys are sold. You do not want the people at home or the bankers to know that you bought something like this.

One option is to withdraw cash and go to a physical store and buy the stuff that you want so much. It is easier as you can see and feel the toys before you choose the right one. But there are people who feel ashamed to visit such stores also.

The second option is to use PayPal or any other similar payment gateway. There are many secure gateways that the websites and sellers use for receiving payment. You can link your credit card/ debit card or bank account with the gateway for some time until the transaction is completed andthen delete the details. That will help in not saving the details of your cardsanywhere. Another online option is to use a prepaid card. You can buy a card with a specific amount that is created for a onetime use. After you use this card once, it becomes void. For example, you can buy a prepaid card for a specific amount, go to, and buy the princess butt plug you so desire. After that, the card will not be valid anymore.

A new entrant to the digital shopping is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So you can use any of these to buy that Princess butt plugs, you desire so much. This keeps the identity of buyer and seller secret and yet is more trustworthy than many scammers. There are many websites that do not keep records of credit cards and other payment details are not saved. But the security and safety of these websites is doubtful. Use any of the above mentioned ways of buying a tool for sexual pleasure and be careful that the payment is going to a legitimate seller.