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Review Of Benjamin 392

                                                Review Of Benjamin 392

Are you planning to own a Benjamin392 but still in doubt? Well, this review of the Benjamin 392 will help you to clear all your dilemmas and doubts. Benjamin 392 is one of the most reliable, accurate and well known rifles.Anybody who is fond of shooting whether he is an experienced shooter or just a beginner definitely desires to own this classic.

This type of air rifle is capable of producing between 675 and 800 feet per second of velocity due to its multi pump pneumatic. The best part about this rifle is that you can hold it very comfortably. Its length to weight ratio is very good. It is very reliable when it comes to accuracy.It is a very high quality rifle just like other products of Benjamin.Its power is quite decent. This type of air rifle has a sturdy construction and it is kind of an all-rounder rifle but at the same time it easily fits into budget.

A Benjamin 392 has a very simple operation and can be easily maintained. Anybody who knows about the company Benjamin will be aware that they have produced many high quality rifles in past few decades such as the Legacy, the Marauder, the Titan and the 392.All these rifles are very affordable and also can be used for various shooting requirements.

Do not expect it to mangle a huge animal because it is not that powerful but at a price like $180 you will find very few rifles available in the market which can offer shooting experience just similar to a Benjamin 392.

With a fully zeroed in scope and some upgrades, the Benjamin 392 can manage hitting targets out to around 60 yards. This air rifle is a good cross between great accuracy and consistent power.