How to help relieve pain in dogs?

Is your dog in pain? Is it suffering from a terminal disease which is causing it deal with continuous pain?  It is truly unbearable to see a dog in pain or distress and one really wants to reach out and do anything that will make it feel better.

Pain in dogs

Like in humans. pain in dogs is also very difficult to measure and assess. Dealing with pain need a lot of patience and care as they will be in a lot of discomfort and distress.

Recognizing pain

One just needs to keenly observe the level of discomfort and then decide the mode of treatment to be given. Dogs in pain will exhibit different levels of behavioral changes as the pain progresses. We must learn to recognize these changes. Walking in a different way, sitting in one place, restricted movements, irritable behavior, loss of appetite are all different ways in which we can recognize that our dog is in pain.

Causes of pain

Causes of pain can be many. Old age, arthritis, cancer, a chronic wound, post -surgery are some of the causes of pain in pets including dogs.

Treating pain

Pain management in dogs is also very critical and has to be done very carefully under vet supervision most of the times. As a dog parent, we play a vital role in this management. The first thing we need to do is find out what is the source or cause of the pain. Pain can be relieved by using different kinds of medication as prescribed by the vet.  We need to check whether the dog is allergic to any particular drug or not before we start it on any medication.  Medication can be given in the form of oral medication, injections and pain relief patches.  Pain relief patches are usually given for dogs who have excruciating levels of pain like my dog had.  My dog is happier with his velcro patchand I feel so good that I could help him feel better by using these patches.