Making and buying a t-shirt with your own design is easy

If you are looking for graphic tees with wordings and are disappointed because either the color is not of your choice or you find the wordings inappropriate do not be disheartened. There are several websites like the which have a plethora of choice for those who want their ideas and their words on t-shirts.

Designing your own t-shirt has never been simpler or easier than the present times. With latest innovations in printing technology, one can choose from the most intricate of designs to mandalas on their t-shirts without blinking an eye. Be it for men, women or children, the path is simple and straightforward, the only limitation being your imagination.

Steps to designing your own t-shirt

  1. Choose a t-shirt: First and foremost, decide on the material; do you want 100% cotton, ring spun cotton, a double-blend or a tri-blend. The method of printing will depend on the material. Next choose the type of t-shirt: crew cut, V-neck, with collar, tank top etc. You can choose any color of your choice, even two or more colors is fine.
  2. Choose a design: This is the fun part where you must take time and effort to choose a design or words that echo your sentiments and your thoughts. You must be able to visualize how the design will look when blown up or when contracted. If you have a budget constraint then you must also consider the type of printing that you can opt for and if the method will do justice to the design. Another area is the type of font used. For a modern look choose sans-serif fonts but if you wish to go bold and funky play around with the fonts but remember readability must not be compromised.
  3. Place the order: This is the final stage where you have to place the order and choose the quantity.

In three simple steps, you can design your tee and wear it too.