We hunt for the latest deals to save you money

The biggest happiness that most of us get is the four letter word – SALE!! Every woman and man love the sale, but the kind of it differs. Women love clothing sales, while Men love the accessories sale like the watches, shoes and belts sale that give them access to branded products at a lesser, affordable price, which otherwise would be reaching the sky.

Along with the SALE, there are vouchers and coupons that give you discounts on products. Just like how my souq discounts saved me the most money, there are plenty of such coupons available which gives a good discount on branded products.

But, having such coupons people tend to commit more mistakes than actually saving. What are they? And how can you stop from overspending and becoming wiser? The reasons are explained here so that you be aware of the factors and don’t do the mistake again.

Fear of Missing things:

It’s often this factor that dominates the rest. We are afraid that we might miss few important things in the sale, which would be available at a discounted price, rather than buying at normal price. So, you make it a point to purchase in the sale, but in reality, the price would differ only by maximum 20%, from the before sale price. It’s sometimes the marketing gimmicks that push the customers to shop during sales, creating more profit for the company, than the customer.

Value of the item:

We have many people buy a product in higher quantities than the required numbers only to get discounts, but if you check clearly, the bill amount would exceed than you actually thought, because you bought things more than you can use. Just because you have things on Sale, don’t rush to buy things that you might not use, this happens with most of them, all the time. So, be wise in the shopping, don’t buy things that you might think you will use later.